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i am actually really scared for the Robbers video….

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I HOPE YOU ALL GET LAID, YOU SONS OF BASTARDS a very drunk matt healy (via rossmcdonald)

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I said it for the settle down video and now i am saying it for the Robbers video i am not ready for the huge amount of new gifs, photos and shit that this video is going to bring….

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sexual orientation: the way matty says boyfriend


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Hanns xfm mixtape
  • Hann: Me & Ross got very drunk with Gold Panda in Hong Kong
  • Matty: that was THAT NIGHT
  • Hann: crazy times
  • Matty: okay that makes sense, oh what a legend
  • George: you got so drunk that you had to get a flight back to England
  • *laughter*
  • Hann: yea :( I was so hungover
  • Matty: he just thought, I'm going home, and HE LEFT. Ross and Hann left me & George in HONG KONG
  • George: Yea we went to Disneyland
  • Hann: too hungover for Disneyland
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too excited.

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